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Imagine if that was all it took for your customers to leave you a 5 Star Google Review, as simple as...

Customer Clicks > Google Review

But it's never that simple, right? You've done a good job and you want a review from your customer. The best way to do this is with a Google review: great for reputation, awesome for SEO, and the more reviews the better when customers search and compare you to your competition especially if they are all 5 star reviews!

There's no downside for you, but getting your customer to do it is a pain, your customer often doesn’t have the time or simply can’t be bothered. It's worse if you try to show them: “login here...", "click on that...” guaranteed attention killers and forget trying to give them pieces of paper with written instructions, that'll end up in a pocket or under a car seat!

Leaving a Google review is neither elegant nor easy.

But Hang On...

What if leaving a Google 5 Star Review was as easy as clicking a button?

...a bit like this:Click to Review

Wasn't that a lot easier? The best bit is you can use this button or link absolutely anywhere and make getting reviews as simple as one click:

Star Your website, send customers to leave Google reviews
Star Add it as a link in your follow up emails
Star Use it in your email footer or thank you page
Star You can even use it on social media or an app!

By taking advantage of our one-time only offer you can add this fantastic feature to your website, emails and social media and you need no coding skills whatsoever. Use our service to instantly create your own unique Google Review link:

1 You can use in Word documents or PDFs and add to hyperlinks anywhere
2 You get the code for a button to use as a link in your emails, marketing campaigns, thank you pages and your social media (it's easy we promise)
3 You are given instructions on how to add it as a link in your email signature, footer or template (again, very easy).
4 100% Money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied and you get to keep the entire package.

Simply put, you get the code, the Single Click Review button designed to look good on all websites and graphics to suit all occasions and total peace of mind with a no quibble money back guarantee.

All of this costs a one-off fee of just
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Note: This offer is limited and we will end it on the last day of this month and the price will revert to £47 +vat.

See What Others Say:

  • ged wilmot single click google reviews

    “Getting Google Reviews is always a faff and is usually forgotten about, so anything that helps our happy customers leave their review quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss was a "no brainer", especially at the price! After we added the code to our site we received our first 5 star review within 12 hours, totally worth every penny"

    Ged Wilmot

  • karen griffin designs

    “When running a busy design business chasing customers for Google Reviews can be the last thing we think about. Single Click Reviews helps us automate the process and makes it easier to get 5 Star reviews from our customers”

    Karen Griffin

  • david browne scottish shutter company

    “Scottish Shutters loves to get 5 star reviews from our customers and anything that makes this process easier is a wise investment. Thanks to we now have a way to get 5 star Google Reviews with one click."

    David Browne